Ceci de los Ríos
Language Spanish
Topics Moderador, Salud, Biohacking
Gender Female

Ceci de los Ríos

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Ceci has been experimenting, learning and sharing tools to optimize human health for more than two decades. She is a pioneer of biohacking in Mexico. Recently certified as an Exma Speaker, she was a presenter at the Exma Heroes & Doers event at the National Auditorium with the presence of Tom Brady; and Exma Holistic where Robin Sharma, Vishen Lakhiani, among other international wellness experts participated.

Creator and Teacher of the 1st Diploma in Comprehensive Wellbeing taught at the College of Public Image with more than 20 generations of graduates.

Founding partner of Alchemycode, a science and well-being company, creators of the first test in Mexico that analyzes the intestinal microbiota. Specialist with private practice in Biohacking and Functional Health, where through analysis, technologies and comprehensive knowledge, he helps people create a lifestyle that supports their well-being.

Communicator by profession with a Master's Degree in Business Organizational Communication from the University of Barcelona; Comprehensive nutrition coach specialized in Functional Health.

Certified in life coaching and body psychotherapy. Recognized for her career and knowledge as the best Coach in Health and Comprehensive Nutrition 2022 by the BienPremios and as a Master Coach in well-being science by the National Chamber of Women.