Constanza Gómez Mont
Language Spanish, English
Topics Tecnología, Gobernanza, Políticas Públicas, Inteligencia Artificial, Innovación, Futuro
Gender Female

Constanza Gómez Mont

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Constanza is interested in achieving a fourth inclusive Industrial Revolution in emerging countries. This led her to found and direct C Minds (, an impact technology agency based in San Francisco and Mexico City. From C Minds, Constanza works with governments and institutions in the development of public policy and programs on issues of digital transformation, seeking to enhance the benefits of new technologies in emerging countries. She also leads initiatives to explore the power of technology to accelerate financial innovation, sustainable mobility, safety, health and education among other issues. Other initiatives that it coordinates, such as the AI for Good Lab, seek to deepen the ethical debate on the social and labor consequences of the technological transformation we are experiencing, particularly in Mexico.

Constanza has been a consultant for the United Nations, the World Bank and national and local governments. Her work has been recognized in international media and was named Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, Gifted Citizen by City of Ideas, British Government's International Leader by the Government of the United Kingdom, winner of the SU Global Impact Challenge in Mexico and graduated from GSP of Singularity University, among other recognitions.