Darrell Etter
Language English
Topics Tecnología, Agilidad, Resiliencia, Negocios, Innovación
Gender Male

Darrell Etter

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Darrell Etter is a creative futurist who specializes in additive manufacturing as well as utilizing Fujifilm’s Core technologies to provide solutions to a wide range of customer needs. He is a multi-faceted professional with 15+ years of experience working in international environments (Europe, US, Asia). His industry experience is strategy and business development across consulting, consumer goods marketing, and manufacturing sectors. 

He is passionate about building bridges between our technologies and customer needs, shared value strategies, strategic partnerships, project management, ideation, corporate social responsibility, emerging markets, business development, and marketing. 

Darrell started at a Xerox company and has been involved at several startups in the digital printing, scanning, and digital manufacturing arena. He is currently working at two positions at Fujifilm; Manager of Open Innovation Hub in Santa Clara California, and Deposition Technology Evangelist. Focusing in the following fields: Automotive / mobility, Digital Manufacturing, Healthcare Biomaterials, Energy & Environment, and Infrastructure.