Sol Kellan
Language Spanish, English
Topics Art, Inspirational
Gender Female

Sol Kellan

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Sol Kellan was born in Mexico City in 1987. Since she was a child, she was fascinated by ballet and the circus and decided to become a costume designer at the age of 9. At school she began making and wearing costumes from cheap materials and old clothes and soon realized that she needed to learn fashion design to become a costume designer. After graduating from College he immediately began designing costumes for cabaret shows and low-budget theater and circus plays.

Life had not been easy during those years and she became involved in toxic relationships and later became depressed and was a victim of sexual abuse. It was then when she realized that she could transform herself into fantastic characters to live another reality and thus be able to overcome pain and sadness. She began sharing his fantasy characters on social media and word spread. She became known in Mexico for making circus costumes and makeup.

Fate smiled on her and in 2015 he was already collaborating with the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Gilles Ste-croix. Shortly after, he began working with Natalia Lafoucade and Chula the Clown. Later he had the opportunity to work on major musical productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar.

She dreamed of making costumes for the International Day of the Dead Parade and in 2021 she had her big chance and was assigned to make 500 costumes for the entire parade. She also worked with Academy Award winner Eugenio Caballero designing the makeup for the Amazon Prime series Mexica.

In 2020 she is diagnosed with depersonalization disorder and this motivates her to seek alternative treatments such as mushroom therapy. Another of her childhood dreams was to make ballet costumes and in August 2023 she designed and made costumes for the ballet LEO, based on Leonora Carrington with The National Dance Company, which premiered in Bellas Artes.

Sol Kellan continues to design her own characters and uses her methodology and experience to create worlds by writing stories, producing shows, and designing costumes for each new upcoming project.

She recently decided to start sharing her experience by giving lectures with the idea that anyone can create their own reality and that fantasy and imagination are very powerful tools to generate change.