Tilly Lockey
Language English
Topics Innovación, Impresión 3D, Tecnología, Motivacional, Robótica, Inspiracional
Gender Female

Tilly Lockey

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Fourteen year old Tilly Lockey’s life has been positively impacted by advancements in robotics and technology. Originally from the United Kingdom, Tilly serves as an inspirational role model and real life example of the possibilities that the future holds, as she travels around the world speaking. She was diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia at a young age and sadly lost both of her hands. She now has customised hero-arms, specifically designed to fit her needs, that are made by Bristol-based Open Bionics. They are the worlds first clinically approved 3D printed bionic arms that allow for multi-grip functionality and offer empowering aesthetics. This lightweight and affordable myoelecttic prothesis can grab, pinch, high five, fist bump and give thumbs up. They also allow her to pick up small objects, play computer games and do online-makeup tutorials. Tilly is at the forefront of testing the technology and has played a huge role in working with the company on various updates.