Vivian Lan
Language Spanish, English
Topics Educación, Disrupción, Organizaciones Exponenciales, Innovación, Futuro, Tecnología
Gender Female

Vivian Lan

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Innovation for social good and the use of technology to help humanity are Vivian Lan’s biggest drives, who in addition to studying graphic design at CDMX, majoring in fine arts in New York and being a Montessori teacher, has always been involved in projects of social impact. As a social entrepreneur and consultant with experience in leadership, innovation and design, Vivian believes in tackling global grand challenges through creativity and collaboration; working together to change the world.

After several years of working with marginalized communities in Mexico, Israel and Kenya, in 2011 she launched a cost-free social media campaign to help the hunger in Africa caused by the drought, in which she raised $ 100,000 USD in 10 days, brought together 57 international volunteers and delivered 40 tons of food and medical care to 20,000 affected people.

In 2013, she attended Singularity University at NASA, where she studied the use of exponential technologies, to integrate them into humanitarian work and apply them to change the world. After graduating Vivian became the Singularity University ambassador in Mexico, in addition to being the Director of the Innovation Ecosystem of at the Presidency of the country and the Exponential Growth Director at ExO Works.

At the moment Vivian is an international speaker and is the director of the SingularityU Mexico Summit in Jalisco, an initiative to promote Mexico through collaboration, in order to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.