Shel Israel
Language English
Topics Robótica, Ciberseguridad, Movilidad, Computación, Comunicación, Drones, Chatbots, Inteligencia Artificial, Innovación, Tecnología, Aprendizaje
Gender Male

Shel Israel

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Shel Israel has spent the past 30 years researching, writing and reading about technology’s impact on the near-term future for business followers. He has written seven books on transformative technologies impact on work and life and has contributed to many business publications including Forbes, FastCompany and Business Insider.

His first book, Naked Conversations (2006) is credited with arguing the first case for businesses to embrace social networks. In Twitterville, he explained the social and political power of social networks and predicted Arab Spring and in Age of Context, he explained how businesses and consumer depend on factors beyond just data.

Israel is an accomplished keynoter. He has addressed business audiences more than 100 times and has keynoted on all continents not currently covered by snow. His talks are noteworthy for Israel’s use of humor and storytelling. 

Three decades Israel has advised well over 100 companies, on communications strategies. These have included many successful Silicon Valley startups, including the companies that introduced, PowerPoint, eTailing, desktop mapping, and computer sound. 

He is editor/writer of ItSeemstoMe, a newsletter/blog with 20,000 subscribers.

He holds a BS Degree in Journalism from Northeastern University and attended Boston University’s Graduate School of Public Communications.